Our students are accepted to Stanford, USC, Santa Clara Univ. ($45,000/yr.), Pepperdine ($63,000/ yr.), 
UC Santa Cruz (90% ride), Univ. of Portland School of Nursing, & others.
Sterling College Consultants is a leading college admissions consulting firm in the Sacramento Metro Region of Northern California. With 23 years of experience, Sterling College Consultants has been the college admissions consulting firm for Northern California and the entire West Coast. We are educators, parents and mentors who are dedicated to helping students achieve admission to their college of choice with the maximum amount of scholarship and grant money.
We know you will find our college admissions program and services to be as successful as hundreds of college-bound students and their parents have found them to be.
  • The College Search Process.
  • Identify and Schedule All College Admission Steps and Completion of All Application Materials.
  • Assistance with Editing and Submitting College Applications.
  • Résumé Writing.
  • Assistance with Scheduling and Conducting Campus Visits.
  • Preparation for Admission and Scholarship Interviews.
  • Essay Review and Editing.
  • Assistance with Requesting Letters of Recommendation.
  • Search and Identification of Institutional Scholarships and Grants.
  • Advise and Assist with Securing All Types of Financial Aid.
  • Provide Daily/Weekly Task Reminders for Students and Parents
  • Meet Face-to-Face for Counseling Sessions as Needed.
  • Guide Students and Parents Through All Tasks for Successful College Enrollment.


Student acceptance rate to their top 3 choice universities.

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We guide students and parents through the entire college admission, financial aid, and college enrollment process. This includes: